Cup Characteristics ::Aromas of sweet lemon and dark chocolate. First taste is sparkly lemon followed by balanced bittersweet chocolate and caramel. Very syrupy mouthfeel. A sweet cocoa and stone fruit finish with a smooth honey lift.


VillaCipresVillaCipres is smack dab in the middle of one of the best coffee producing regions in Central America. The Apaneca region is called the valley of gold because of how good the coffee is and how many COE winners there are. VillaCipres is surrounded by them and their sister neighbor farm VillaGallicia has won COE twice. The farm is almost exclusively Bourbon. Only perfectly red ripe cherry is picked and the Cuzcachapa mill is renowned for its excellent processing. The finca is surrounded on all sides by Cipres trees that provide windbreaks and shade.

Unique to VillaCipres is that they have their own micro mill where they process all of their own coffee. The use a eco-pulper so they can dial in exactly the level of mucilage to remove or leave on. And they dry all their coffee on African style raised beds. So the flavor profile is extra sweet and syrupy.

Country: El Salvador
Region: Apaneca, Ataco
Producer: Mauricio Salaverria
Farm: Finca VillaCipres
Harvest Period: January through March
Elevation Range: 1300 to 1425 masl
Size of Finca: 15 Manzanas
Tablons or lots on Finca: 10
Kilos Produced: 17,500 kilos (36,560 lbs) (avg year)
Mill: El Divisadero
Awards: Cup Of Excellence – National Jury winner 2011, Coffee Of The Year Finalist 2005
Varietals: Bourbon -Red, orange and yellow
Team of people: 25 (harvest) 3 (full time)
Neighboring Fincas: Las Fany, Himalya, Nazareth,

  • Microlot: National Jury Winner - This lot was awarded the National Jury award in COE 2011
  • Varietal: Red Bourbon
  • Process:Fully Washed, with 10% mucilage and dried on african raised beds







 Finca Malacara

 Cup Characteristics::A sweet tobacco note in the dry aroma accompanied by thick brown sugar with a strong molasses flavor Cooked fruit in the middle with a creamy finish

Malacara, is the three-generation legacy of coffee lovers who have poured their hearts into the rich land of El Salvador. Roberto Dumont practices sustainable farming and produces some of the best coffee in El Salvador. Malacara B is located on the world famous slopes of the Santa Ana volcano in western El Salvador. The weather, soil and altitude is perfect for growing exceptional coffee. And the farm kicks coffee ass every year. With Roberto at the helm quality has gone even higher over the last decade.

Country: El Salvador
Region: Apaneca, Santa Ana
Producer: Roberto Dumont
Farm: Finca Malacara “B”
Harvest Period: January through March
Elevation Range: 1400 to 1600 masl
Size of Finca: 33 hectares
Tablons or lots on Finca: 12
Kilos Produced: 48,300 kilos (103,560 lbs) (avg year)
Mill: El Borbollon
Awards: Cup Of Excellence (4th 2011 90.83 pts, 32 2009 84.23 pts, 5th 2008 89.31 pts, 2007 20th, 84.95 pts) Coffee Review (92 pts, 89 pts, 91 pts)
Varietals: Bourbon -Red, orange and yellow, Pacamara, Pacas, Typica
Team of people: 55 (harvest) 12 (full time)
Neighboring Fincas: Malacara A, La Reforma, Kilimanjaro

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